Emergency Grant

Please share this important information with students in your classes or those whom you meet in your offices:

The Queens College Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund has been created to provide quick response emergency grants to matriculated students in good academic standing with current short term financial emergencies. The goal of the fund is to help students remain in school without interruption and successfully complete their degree.

Each applicant is required to submit a statement of need explaining his or her situation and how he or she will use the funds, if awarded. It should be noted that decisions on grant awards are made on a case-by-case basis. If awarded, this money does not need to be repaid. The grant may be considered taxable income for income tax purposes, so you may need to self-report.

The following are some examples of eligible emergency situations and expenses that the fund will consider:

  • overdue utilities bills and shut-off notices
  • rent in arrears, at risk for eviction
  • housing assistance for homelessness
  • medical and dental bills for uninsured necessary procedures
  • destruction of living quarters due to fire or other natural disaster
  • documented theft of computer, books, clothing, or other essential belongings
  • assistance in paying for food, transportation, and basic necessities due to recent unemployment or recent financial difficulty
  • automobile expenses (if a student’s car breaks down and is their only means of transportation)
  • child care for legal dependents
  • travel home for illness or death in the immediate family
  • victims of domestic violence.

The grant is NOT intended to cover:

  • previous college tuition debt/expenses
  • current full or partial tuition and fees
  • personal debts
  • legal representation/attorney fees in a criminal proceeding, including child support
  • legal representation/attorney fees for CUNY disciplinary proceedings.

The Carrol and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund is not a substitute for financial aid. Students who are seeking funds are required to utilize all available financial aid resources before being awarded the Petrie Grant. Financial aid status will be verified for all applications.

To determine eligibility, students may submit the online application: https://goo.gl/forms/NkJI88jaDot4mazu2.

For more information on the program, contact the Office of Student Affairs via email (vpsa@qc.cuny.edu) or call 718-997-5500.

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