General Instructions:

Write a one-page, singled spaced paper, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Although these are short essays, they should contain a clear introduction and conclusion, and body paragraphs that use examples/ quotations from the text to support the claims that they make.  Because these are short papers, you want to avoid using block quotations, and you want to make sure to use as much of the page as possible. No Works Cited page is needed, and no outside research is necessary.

  1.  (Due Tuesday 2/25): n both Nilda and And the Earth Did Not Devour Him, religion plays a key role in the development of each protagonist.  Write a short paper that compares and contrasts the role that religion plays in the Latinx child’s coming-to-consciousness in each work.
  2. (Due on Tuesday 3/19): Thus far this term, we have read four coming-of-age stories.  Using those novels and/ or Spencer Herrera’s chapter on the Bildungsroman to establish the conventions of the genre, explain how We the Animals deviates the classic coming-of-age novel?  Make an argument about the significance of those deviations.
  3. In the weeks before Spring break, we will be looking at two visual forms that are addressed to children: the children’s picture book and the animated motion picture. You will produce a one-page close reading of either a page or two-page spread from Duncan Tontatiuh’s Undocumented or a scene of no more than three minutes from the film Coco.

    If you choose to write on Undocumented, you will want to account for the visual data on the page, and note interesting tensions between text and image, within the page layout, and between individual “panels” and the page, and between the different images on the page.

    If you choose to write about Coco, you will want to account for the visual data in your segment as well as such film-specific things as cuts, shot length (close up, long shot, etc), the soundtrack, mise-en-scene (framing), etc.

    In both cases, your paper shouldn’t be a collection of observations, but rather it should use these observations to develop an interpretive claim about the page or scene that you have selected. Although it is only one page, the paper should have an introduction that situates us in the narrative, provides the necessary context, and clearly states its argument.

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